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Gifts for Kids- Unique Gifts Idea for Kids

Discover the best gifts for kids in our online shop, find variety of gifts and games for kids, exciting gift ideas for kids, from entertaining games and toys to fun and educational kits, toddler & preschool learning toys, find basketball hoop mug, sidewalk chalk, air power soccer disk, ice cream ball, human face shape toy, twilight turtle, motorized dirt digger, batman v superman hot wheels. Helpmemommy is one stop complete shopping for kids gifts, the latest games, toys and tech gifts that kids are hoping to unwrap.

  • Water Rocket Launcher

    Toy gifts idea for boys and girls, Water rocket launcher,India made of aluminum, stainless steel. Assembly is quick easy with no further adjustments require. Employing a nozzle makes this…

    ₹ 8,244.00

  • Sumo Suits

    Sumo Suits for Kids, This sumo suit inflatable costume comes with attached fan and battery case, easy to fold away pact storage. – an included small fan unit keeps…

    ₹ 4,907.63

  • Jurassic Park Jeep Wrangler

    Gift Ideas for Kids, Ensure your kid’s day is filled with fun and adventure by placing him behind the wheel of this Jurassic Park ride-on Jeep. It comfortably seats…

    ₹ 48.3k

  • Boxing Reflex Ball

    Boxing reflex ball inevitably whacks you in the face after you miss a punch, but they’ve already thought of that — not only is this ball designed to be…

    ₹ 484.00

  • Solar Powered Grasshopper

    Solar Powered Grasshopper Toys for Children and Teach them to save our earth using Green Power A wonderful enlightenment for students solar energy concept teaching as well. Powered by…

    ₹ 475.00

  • Star Wars Force Band With Robot

    Use the force to push, pull and control  force awareness mode. Uncover digital holocrons in your environment and collect them in the app battle worn exterior BB 8 sports…

    ₹ 13,654.00

  • Toddler Jogging Belt Training

    Toddler Jogging Belt Training is for children between the ages of 6 months to 14 months to help them to walk not for any other usages. Helps the child…

    ₹ 449.00

  • Orbit Wheel

    Innovative Gift Ideas for Him, The Orbitwheel is a new concept for wheeled sports and the idea is simple: two feet, two wheels…and you’re ready to go! A set…

    ₹ 24,819.00

  • Baby Keeper Walk Protect

    This innovative, baby to assist baby when learning to walk is beneficial to both baby and parents. Adjustable straps to accommodate both Stage 1 and Stage 2 of learning…

    ₹ 425.00

  • Baby Perfume

    This Baby Perfume  has sweet and delicate scent will involve your baby in a soft perfumed hug. No parabens, dyes free and clinically tested on sensitive skins.Gifts for Couples- Unique Gift…

    ₹ 399.00

  • Bike Tire Inflator

    Upgrade your ride with big air! built to last top notch quality – invest in the best mini high volume pump for lasting high performance. Don’t make the mistake…

    ₹ 4,820.00

  • Solar System Crystal Ball with Wood Stand

    This classic clear crystal ball will add a touch of elegance to any room. Healing Power, perfect place in your office,living room or bedroom. Idea for educational tool. –…

    ₹ 4,708.00

  • Plastic Dip Clip

    Sauces can be messy so keep things clean and tidy with the innovative Dip Clips from Progressive. Perfect for kids and adults, they can be used at all sorts…

    ₹ 199.00

  • Walkie Chalk

    Now, STAND UPDRAWTM with sidewalk chalk! A revolutionary new way to play and create is here – meet Walkie Chalk! Easy, simple and so much fun. Standard round chalk?…

    ₹ 3,325.00

  • Basketball Hoop Mug

    Unique Gift Idea for Kids…Basketball Hoop Mug Holds up to 16-ounces , So cool!! The cup/basket mug is awesome on its own, you can add your school logo to over…

    ₹ 2,317.70


    This pencil box has two different slots. The storage compartments are located on the top and the bottom of the pencil boxes. This set is perfect for home, school,…

    ₹ 280.00

  • NailCutter With Magnifier

    Gift for New Babies, New born babies skin are very sensitive and fagile , This nail clipper with magnifier is carefully made to making baby nail cutting easier and…

    ₹ 156.00

  • Play & Freeze Ice Cream Ball

    Make ice cream anywhere great for camping trips, picnics, and barbecues .Includes 1 pint Ice Cream Ball, 1 plastic wrench, and an instruction and recipe booklet Also includes Monster…

  • Human Face Shape Toys

    This Human Face Shape Toy could mould any way as you can , good humor  piece of toy for kids and for adults it works as a stress reliever…

    ₹ 1,743.00

  • Air Power Soccer Ball

    The Air Power Soccer Disk is an amazing new disk that turns nearly any smooth surface into a sports court, inside or out! Use it on a low-pile carpet,…

    ₹ 440.00

  • Animal Night Light Projectors

    Twilight Turtle is a plush toy nightlight that transforms any room into a starry night sky to help comfort children to sleep.From within his plastic shell, Twilight Turtle projects…

    ₹ 340.00

  • Thumb Piano

    Gift Ideas for Dad – Handmade and Designed by French Artist, Musician, Teacher & World Traveller Andrew Masters, the Zenzula is a perfect companion for Yoga, Relaxation & Meditation,…

    ₹ 2,900.00

  • Home Planetarium Star Projector

    Like to show stars on the ceiling for your  young granddaughter  It’s a real picture of the night sky and not just random points of light. This item fits the…

    ₹ 8,627.92

  • Slip And Slide

    The ultimate water racing experience. Dual-lane slide lets you race your opponent side-by-side. The winner gets bragging rights, while the lower gets a face full of water. Bonus inflatable…

    ₹ 3,885.00

  • Don’t Step In It

    Be careful not to poop out while playing this hilarious game with messy consequences. Put on a blindfold, spin the spinner and then take that many steps across the…


  • The Motorized Dirt Digger

    This is the ride-on motorized backhoe that enables a child to dig sand and dirt just like the real thing. A child can operate the fully functioning bucket arm…

  • Batmobile W/ Batman DC Figure

    This highly detailed Batman v Superman Hot Wheels Elite Die-Cast Batmobile is no ordinary Hot Wheels car. It looks just like the Dark Knights’ vehicle from the Batman v…

    ₹ 2,807.04

  • Giants Playing Cards

    Perfect For Anyone To Enjoy! Full standard deck includes 52 standard playing cards and 2 jokers. Perfect for playing practically any card game you can imagine. Go Fish, Poker,…

    ₹ 419.00

  • Giant Tennis Ball

    Give your dog special gift to beat its loneliness and stress. It will surely make him busy throughout the day. also this giant tennis ball develops its acrobatic skills.

  • Ball Launcher

    Best Ball Launcher for Dogs – Take a day off from gym , work and school , This Hyper Pet ball launcher is designed to be used as a…

    ₹ 1,573.00

  • Remote Control Electric Skateboard

    Personalized Gifts for Him, Remote Control Electric Skateboard takes skateboarding to the next level! Whether you’re shredding skate parks or cruising the town, this e-skateboard is ready to roll…

    ₹ 14,999.00

  • Bicycle Exhaust System

    Turbospoke, the Bicycle Exhaust System that makes your bike look and sound like a real motorcycle!!Fits most bikes with a wheel size of 16 inches and larger; Turbospoke attaches…

    ₹ 1,299.00

  • Wall-Mounted Shoe Holder

    Today with our modern homes getting smaller, intelligent storage space is a must. Our shoe organizer is perfect storage solution for this to give you a neat, compact, clutter…

    ₹ 199.00

  • iPhone Controlled Paper Airplane

    Origami and technology collide to bring you the iPhone controlled paper airplane. Unlike the flimsy poor quality paper airplanes you’re used to building, this high tech version integrates state-of-the-art…

    ₹ 4,630.10

  • Remote Control Cockroach

    Can crawl like a real cockroach by its feet. Fun for Everyone and Spooky for others! Scare your friends, family members or even yourself . Imagine all the fun…

    ₹ 999.00

  • Night Rocket

    Jump on the launch pad and watch the Dragonfire Night Rocket mightily soar into the sky . Launch over and over again . Soars up to 50 feet

    ₹ 2,360.00

  • Ghollum Smeagol

    Gollum is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien’s legendarium. He was introduced in the 1937 fantasy novel The Hobbit and became an important supporting character in its…

  • Iron Man Action Figure

    Features 30 points of articulation , Highly realistic engraving along with Iron Man’s signature face, armor, back flaps, and chest arc reactor Metallic shine shown through high-quality outer paint…

    ₹ 27,874.00

  • Game Of Throne Puzzle

    From the Narrow Sea to beyond The Wall, the Seven Kingdoms are waiting for your arrival. Should your heart be steady and your mind sharp, this puzzle will take…

    ₹ 6,336.35

  • Smallest Solar Car

    Toys Ideas for boys- Amazing Toys for Children and Teach them to save our earth using Green Power , Solar Powered, no batteries required – the solar panel allows…

    ₹ 240.00

  • Voodoo Doll

    Revenge is a dish best served via the Personal Voodoo Doll. They might not regret upsetting you right now, but after you’ve played around with it for a few…

    ₹ 1,632.21

  • Finger Puppet Toothbrushes

    More than a baby toothbrush, The Brushies are colorful characters who are eager to help kids embrace brushing. . Not only will it help them understand the need to…

    ₹ 199.00

  • Kids fish blanket

    When kids pull on an ocean creature , they’ll love the soft, whimsical design—and how warm and cozy it feels. Each tail has a plush fleece lining, a hidden…

    ₹ 2,959.00

  • Modarri Finger-Powered Cars

    After Italian supercars, with sleek design, working suspension, and responsive steering. Kids power, steer, and stop using a single finger, experiencing the real mechanics first hand. Durable and interchangeable,

    ₹ 3,998.00

  • Elastic Lacing

    Now don’t need to waste times on tying laces as they are easy-to-use, comfortable and stylish addition to any shoe by simply changing out your regular shoelaces with these…

    ₹ 429.00

  • Selfie Mic

    This selfie mic is trending like crazy. It combines a selfie stick and karaoke so you can make your own music videos with your friends (or by yourself?), and…

    ₹ 1,600.42

  • Gaming Keyboard

    Level up your PC with the programmable LED gaming keyboard. Multicolor per-key backlighting allows you to customize the entire keyboard with a specific color motif and features on-board memory…

    ₹ 1,199.00

  • Baby Mop

    Just arrived home after expensive shopping for your baby but find it dirty next day while your baby crawling..wear it and let your kid exploring floors

    ₹ 2,526.00

  • Anti Gravity Ball

    Fushigi Magic Balls are sweeping the nation. Order them before they’re all gone! The Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball will mesmerize you and your friends. Simple hand manipulation will make…

    ₹ 3,684.00

  • Hair Cutting Umbrella

    Now you can easily catch loose hair trimmings and degrade your child all at the same time with this wonderful haircut umbrella! Perfect for giving haircuts without the hair…

    ₹ 555.00

  • Thumb Wrestling Ring

    Every Great War needs a battleground. Gift your nemesis a thumb wrestling ring designed for legendary battles and glory.

    ₹ 550.00

  • Table Basket Ball

    RELIEVE STRESS – Take a break from your stressful day and enjoy a few minutes shooting hoops.

  • Car Beds

    BED , Designed to look like a real sports car. Grow with your car lover from toddler hood through childhood.This fully functional bed comes with decals , silver rims…

  • Bread Slippers Child

    There aren’t many things more pleasant than the smell of fresh warm bread coming out of the oven. Relive that moment every time you slip your feet into this…

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