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Online Gift Shop for Men in India – Unique Gifts Ideas for Men

Discover the best gifts idea for men, in our online store, you will find unique products for your husband, father, grandfather, uncle or boyfriends. Select your products from wide range of products list, all products are affordable and unique, you don’t find any other sources. Special gifts for special occasions –Birthday gift for him, wedding anniversary gift for husband, father’s day gifts, grandfather’s day gift. Men’s love gadgets, find best gadgets gifts for your boyfriend.Helpmemommy is the only online shop where you get unique product range of gifts for men at affordable prize.

  • Sumo Suits

    Sumo Suits for Kids, This sumo suit inflatable costume comes with attached fan and battery case, easy to fold away pact storage. – an included small fan unit keeps…

    ₹ 4,907.63

  • G.I. Joe Cologne

    ‘1Bang the roads smelling like a real American hero by using this G.I. Joe cologne in India. motivated by the armies and veterans who have bravely served, it got…

    ₹ 13.4 k

  • Compression Socks

    Great Gifts for Women’s, Persistent foot pain can ruin your stamina throughout the day, but with the  compression sock sleeves all you have to do is slide them on and…

    ₹ 1399.00

  • Copper Tongue Cleaner

    Made from pure copper, this set of tongue cleaners is naturally anti-microbial and can help inhibit the formation of plaque, bad breath, and other harmful bacteria. Reviewers say things like: “I…

    ₹ 167.00

  • Zippo Lighter Armor

    Protect your Zippo’s smooth finish when you venture outdoors by slipping it inside this lighter armor. It features a sturdy heat-resistant reinforced polymer exterior and an O-ring seal that…

    ₹ 27.3K

  • Muscle Roller

    If you’re into intense workouts or just have sore muscles often, a roller massages muscles, and even helps the body to become more flexible over time. Made with textured, sturdy bumps,…

    ₹ 879.00

  • Neck Hammock

    Relax, stretch, and rejuvenate your neck and shoulders anytime, anywhere with the neck hammock. It sports two medical grade adjustable straps that you can conveniently hang on any door…

    ₹ 4290.00

  • Male Female Pee Urinal

    If you  got a camping trip coming up and the idea of using Tupperware or a bucket in your small tent seemed distasteful and hygeine,  so you must be…

    ₹ 1,516.00

  • Deep Cleaning Finger Brush

    No one enjoys running their tongue over their teeth after lunch and feeling they could use a touch-up, so why not discreetly clean your teeth with the  deep cleaning teeth wipes?…

  • Boxing Reflex Ball

    Boxing reflex ball inevitably whacks you in the face after you miss a punch, but they’ve already thought of that — not only is this ball designed to be…

    ₹ 484.00

  • Smart Magic Finger Ring

    Best Gift Idea for Couples,  With the help of Smart Magic Finger Ring Lock / unlock the program, select the application you want to lock/unlock, write the smart ring, only…

    ₹ 794.00

  • Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste

    A blend of organic charcoal toothpaste and active minerals that have been proved to dramatically improve oral health. Naturally whiten your teeth – If you’re not a fan of…

    ₹ 1,617.00

  • Gel Pillow

    Gel infused Memory foam Pillows made  that will help you sleep cooler, comfortable and better. The Gel infused foam material inside the foam pads keeps your head and neck cool…

    ₹ 1,899.00

  • Full Face Mask Snorkeling

    Amazingly improve your next water diving experience wearing the Seaview 180 degree full face snorkel mask. It allows for natural breathing through your nose or mouth thanks to its…

    ₹ 2,549.00

  • Pimple Popping Funny Toy

    Stop your peeling removing obsession without being looking dirty and hygiene. this Pimple Popping Funny little gadget that allows people to pop fake pimples and satisfy quirky obsession.

    ₹ 1,199.00

  • Feeling Heartbeat ECG Couple Rings

    Unique Titanium Steel Temperature Feeling Heartbeat Ecg Couple Rings The Best Gift In Valentine’S Day Or Wedding.Cheap Gift Ideas for Couples

    ₹ 799.00

  • Duel Grit Sharpening Tool

    Restores your razor’s sharpness, axe or any iron tools, prolonging the life of the tools. Save money and be more eco-conscious while still getting a close, comfortable shave….

    ₹ 1,413.00

  • Orbit Wheel

    Innovative Gift Ideas for Him, The Orbitwheel is a new concept for wheeled sports and the idea is simple: two feet, two wheels…and you’re ready to go! A set…

    ₹ 24,819.00

  • Panic About Getting Married

    Like a paper version of your funniest friend, this pocket-sized volume provides an honest look at what’s actually coming down the aisle, while also offering commonsense reassurance that everything’s…

    ₹ 1,232.14

  • Cap Gun Bottle Opener

    Opening your drinks has just got mischievous. Impress your friends and onlookers with this nifty little bottle opener that not only opens your bottles with minimal effort but also doubles…

    ₹ 329.00

  • Ring Watch

    This Watch is unique because it is worn as ring. This watch is adjustable in size and suitable for either of the gender. Quality of dial is Korean which…

    ₹ 389.00

  • Floating Candle

    Floating Candles perfect for New year, Candle light dinner, Valentines day, Anniversary, Birthday. Grab this colourful Floating Nuggets candles and give your home makeover different from all others.

  • 50 Caliber Bullet Pizza Cutter

    The ultimate way to cut your pizza and open your beer. Made from a full size replica .50 Caliber bullet with a built in bottle opener. This is the…

    ₹ 2,840.00

  • Red Rose Ring Jewellery Box

    The red rose ring box with faux leaves,  a unique and creative way to express your Valentine’s Day Gifts love and romance.

    ₹ 175.00

  • Business Lessons from Elon Musk

    This book offers an introduction to Musk, his business success while “saving the world” and the lessons that we can learn from him. It is not a text book…

    ₹ 1,379.00

  • Fidget Cube

    No need to click that pen anymore. You’ll find 3 clicker buttons and 2 silenced buttons on this side design to satisfy the clicker in each of us. Pivot…

    ₹ 255.00

  • Nightmare-Elm-Street-Shot-Glass

    Best idea for Halloween party day out , with Great finishing touch for any Nightmare on Elm Street theme.  

    ₹ 718.31

  • Shaving Brush Stand Bowl

    Classy Gifts for Men, Plastic stand for shaving brush. This stand can hold a shaving brush and get your shaving items organized and clear. Shaving brush with black handle….

    ₹ 3,160.00

  • Funny Doormats Personalized

    Funny Doormats Personalized,  customize the doormats with your creative idea. Just contact them, they will make within 24 hours.

    ₹ 2,611.00

  • Multipurpose Lap-Table

    Its premium dual bolster cushion base provides comfort and stability. Its surface is large enough to accommodate up to 15.6″ laptops.It also has 2 built in compartments to store…

  • Biggest Back Scratcher

    One woman said to her husband: “I got you the Redneck Backscratcher…so you can use it on my back!” This product works great on anybody’s back and is handy…

    ₹ 3,425.00

  • Marital Demise Book

    Ladies, do you have an amazing marriage and you want to keep it that way? Or have you been feeling like you and your honey are disconnected lately? Are…

    ₹ 1212.00

  • Wooden Wine Box Holder

    Delight your guests with this cleverly-designed wine bottle storage box . Perfect for storing and displaying wine in your own home or for giving as a thoughtful gift for the…

    ₹ 1,659.00

  • Portable Beer Froth Maker

    Saves your beer and other drinks by creating foams on it through ultra Sonic vibration, which in turn helps in retaining the great aroma of the beer. Enjoy your…

    ₹ 1,999.00

  • Pistachio Bowl

    Don’t spill the bean!! make eating nuts and dry fruits more neat and clean at the same time with same bowl , just eat your favorite snacks with more…

    ₹ 380

  • Copper Toothpick Dispenser

    This is a pair of toothpick holders for your dining table. They are made of brass and copper and the shiny polish and color of these holders look very…

    ₹ 520.00

  • Decision Maker & Paper Weight

    This Executive Decision Maker/Paperweight Is The Perfect Gift For Those Who Have Indecisive Moments. Just Give It A Spin And Let It Decide For You Whether To “PASS THE…

    ₹ 3,044.00

  • Wearable Sound System

    This system uses a transformative wearable audio technology that converts sound into high fidelity vibrations. Sound pulses through your body with music, gaming and VR, creating a fully immersive…

  • Glow In Dark Paint

     You can apply it with your fingers or a fine brush easily and wash it off with water or some cleansing products at the end of the night. Package includes…

    ₹ 399.00

  • Prank Pack Beer Beard

    Gifts for Guys – Great funny gift box. This is not a real beer beard, It is a box advertising a beer beard. These boxes look real like the…

    ₹ 1,327.00

  • Thumb Piano

    Gift Ideas for Dad – Handmade and Designed by French Artist, Musician, Teacher & World Traveller Andrew Masters, the Zenzula is a perfect companion for Yoga, Relaxation & Meditation,…

    ₹ 2,900.00

  • Cervical Pillow Neck Support

    The orthowala cervical pillow has been specially designed to counter the stress and pain associated with cervical. It’s contoured at the neck design ensures that the user enjoys a…

    ₹ 699.00

  • Stop Snoring Chin Belt

    Simple and effective open mouth snoring solution in the market. How does it work? The chin belt helps in preventing the snoring by supporting the lower jaw during the…

    ₹ 999.00

  • Head Shaver

    Presents for Him – The perfect razor for anyone new to HeadBlade. The newest addition to the HeadBlade family is the revolutionary MOTO Razor. It takes everything GREAT about…

    ₹ 2,360.00

  • Helmet Drinking Party Hat

    Beer Soda Guzzler Helmet Drinking Party Hat perfect for game day gear, can be use as party wardrobe or just use watching TV!

    ₹ 2,435.00

  • Party Game

    Unusual Gifts for Boyfriend This game was a HUGE success. It was played at a party of drunk college students and by the time it finished everyone will ask…

    ₹ 2,716.00

  • Beer Bong

    Double Pipe Beer Bong’s are the most popular on the market today! Beer Bongs have been popular since the 60’s through the present day…..!. Its guaranteed to be the…

    ₹ 2,000.00

  • Chinese Martial-Art Sword

    This product was produced in City, Zhejiang Province, is the new, modern production.Lingua , made of Damascus steel|folded steel. Sword and antiques lovers surely keep this product at home.

  • Wooden Stand Charging Dock

    Cheap Gift Ideas for Boyfriend – Pure Environmental and Good quality Wood .This unique bamboo charging stand is designed for Apple Watch and iPhone .Cable opening support, A watch…

    ₹ 649.00

  • Stickers For Macbook

    Cool Presents for Guys Skin Sticker is designed for Direct Application on Your Device for an Awesome Makeover without Adding Any Bulk. Made From Premium Vinyl With Anti-Bubble Channels…

    ₹ 199.00

  • Spicy Dry Fruits

    The gift box contains Roasted Cashew nuts & Almonds flavored with a mix of Indian spices.The blend of spices is made of salt, black pepper, black cumin, black salt,…

    ₹ 995.00

  • Himalayan Tequilla Glasses

    Cool Gifts for Him – Naturo Himalayan Rock Salt Tequilla Shot Glasses are truly unique – these are made out of 100% pure Himalayan rock salt. The next time…

    ₹ 990.00

  • Chemist Approve Beer Glass

    Holiday Gifts for Men -This pint glass makes drinking beer easy and fun! Great chemistry design makes you feel sophisticated! The artwork is the molecular structure of Ethanol, which is…

    ₹ 2,057.45

  • Back Hair Removal

    Electronic Gifts for Men DIY Back & Body Shaver is specifically designed to offer the easiest, quickest and smoothest shave on the market.  works like an extension of your…

    ₹ 3,819.00

  • The Fire Wallet Magic Trick

    There’s a fire cloth in the wallet, paint oil on the fire cloth. Then open the wallet with fire instantly on Close the wallet to extinguish the fire. Please…

    ₹ 715.00

  • 007 Sign Tie Clip

    Creative Gifts Ideas for Men’s – After sure fuck perfume , This will sure attract ladies in parties , events . Show your presence increase with this macho 007…

    ₹ 999.00

  • Middle Class Problems Book

    Great gifts for young men, A hilarious collection of the most agonizing real-life inconveniences faced by the iPhone-losing, polenta-burning, don’t have WI-FI or many other absurd inconveniences illustrated by…

    ₹ 813.00

  • Sweat-Activated-Tshirt

    The best gift for him, Ensure you get a thorough workout the next time you hit the gym by going dressed in one of these sweat activated t-shirts. After…

  • Gun Storage Magnet

    Gun Storage Magnet , Best solution for holding your gun or rifle , easily concealed in spaces. best use for your home , car or office.

    ₹ 2,039.00

  • Underwear Wallet

    Clever Gifts for Him, Travelling in bus , metro or spotting some tourist place , heavy crowded market , One thing that keep you bothering is pick pocketing. Underwear Wallet…

    ₹ 699

  • Waist Extenders

    Gift suggestions for men, Enjoy guilty foods during holidays or in vacations , don’t be bothered increased waist size , waste money on shopping again , keep this at…

  • Taboo Board Game

    Have a blast playing the Hasbro Taboo board game. Suitable for teens and adults, Taboo is a fun guessing game based on clues. The team must guess the secret…

    ₹ 1,199.00

  • Light Up Hoodie

    Unique Gift Ideas for him, Stand out at any party, club, or rave you attend by slipping into one of these light up hoodies. Featuring a variety of colored…

    ₹ 999.00

  • Beard Balm

    With just one smell you’ll think you just hit the Cabin for some early Morning Hunting. Himalayan Sea Salt  is a described two ways, for Guys it’s that smell…

    ₹ 450.00

  • Mustache Beer Guard

    Ideal Gifts for Him, Protects mustache and beard from beer and other liquids Steer liquid into your mouth and not your stache! Flexible silicone material enables it to fit…

    ₹ 1,806.00

  • Multi-Function Travel Jacket

    Cool gift ideas for guys, Head out wearing the multi-function travel jacket and you’ll be ready for anything your trip throws your way. Both fashionable and comfortable, this fully…

    ₹ 2,599.00

  • Multi Tool Survival Bracelet

    Awesome Gifts for Him, Originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes during World War II. Soldiers, however, found that this miracle rope was useful for far more…

    ₹ 699.00

  • Sure Fuck Perfume

    Unique Gifts for men’s birthday, Men, donate waste your hard-earned money. . . Unless you are the worlds most fuckable man, try sure fuck cologne! & attract women. Ladies,…

    ₹ 5,413.00

  • Finger Print Gun Safe

    Don’t just keep your gun a little bit safe — keep it completely locked down with the fingerprint gun safe. The fingerprint gun case only allows authorized fingerprints to…

    ₹ 15k

  • Stress Relief Magnetic Balls

    Do as you wish to do , take out your creative part in you , Anywhere sitting in home or office or a day break in a park. This…

    ₹ 1,499.00

  • Ornaments For Beard

    The holiday season is the perfect time to stand out, make someone smile, or just add a little brightness to the world; and nothing gets people talking and having…

    ₹ 1,845.00

  • MorningHead Cap

     Perfect for night showerers, helmet hair, hat hair and nap hair Wet your hair Instantly, style your hair in seconds A Morning head cap resembles a shower cap but…

    ₹ 1,912.00

  • Mini Champagne Shotgun Glass

    Stay classy while getting shitfaced by consuming your bubbly using this mini champagne shotgun glass. Really, why should you have to sip your Dom Perignon calmly like a mature…

    ₹ 5,342.00

  • Iphone charger Bracelet

    Best Presents for Him, Look stylish while carrying a functional charging cable on you at all times by accessorizing your outfit with this iPhone charging cable bracelet. It comes…

  • Newtons Cradle Balance Balls

    An house or office decoration Easy to install and uninstall High class material and very good appearance Let your room have more fun Newton’s apple tree Notice: It is…

    ₹ 1,250.00

  • Carrying Case for iMac

    Special Gift Ideas for Him – Whether you’re travelling for business, working independently or simply want to join a presentation or workshop, the Lavolta bag makes it easy. This…

    ₹ 12k

  • Backpack with Cooler

    Unique Gifts for Young Men, Ensure you remain properly hydrated the next time you head outdoors by bringing along this portable cooler backpack. This waterproof cooler features ample storage…

    ₹ 17k

  • Pug T- Shirt

    Top Gift Ideas for Men, You didn’t choose the Pug Life, the Pug Life chose you. And now with the Pug face shirt you can command the…

    ₹ 5,033

  • Sleeping Mask

    Do not bothered now who’s fucking around, let them make  noice as much as possible , don’t care if they leave lights on…

    ₹ 320.00

  • Storage Bottle

    When you’re running, bicycling, hiking, or doing active activities, sometimes you don’t have enough room to bring both a water bottle and a smart phone. Naturally you’d like to…

    ₹ 599.00

  • Travel Arm Rest

    Rest comfortably on a plane, train, or bus with ARMREST, a cushy sling that’s like a personal armrest , Also works phone holder , ear muff , eye mask….

    ₹ 2,164.61

  • Moustache Guard Mug

    The moustache cup was invented in the mid-19th century by British potter Harvey Adams. The moustache guard, secured to the inner brim of the cup, protected a gentleman’s moustache…

    ₹ 3,218.00

  • Razor Blade Sharpener

    Gifts for Men – Restores your razor’s sharpness, prolonging the life of the blades. Save money and be more eco-conscious while still getting a close, comfortable shave….

    ₹ 3,887.00

  • Eye Glass Cleaner

    Don’t need to remove out your handkerchief or wardrobes to clean out your gorgeous spectacles , this one easy to carry and clean all types of dirty stuffs on…

    ₹ 105.00

  • Magnetic Play Balls

    Increase your artistic skills, no need to draw , rubber , sharp . Start anywhere at home , office , breakfast table. also works as intelligence development and stress…

    ₹ 999.00

  • Credit Card Style Survival Kit

    If you like to be prepared for anything, then you’ll need to be carrying one of these Pocket Tool Sets. This tiny multi-functional survival tool is the perfect item…

    ₹ 149.00

  • Elastic Lacing

    Now don’t need to waste times on tying laces as they are easy-to-use, comfortable and stylish addition to any shoe by simply changing out your regular shoelaces with these…

    ₹ 429.00

  • Page Holder

    When someone says they don’t want anything, a practical gift is always better, and what’s more practical than comfortably holding your book with one hand?  so you can hold…

  • Outdoor Pocket Blanket

    This super tiny blanket unfolds to create enough space for one person to lay down or two people to sit next to each other. You’ll never have a wet…

    ₹ 2,059.00

  • Sense with Sleep Pill

    You can rest easy with this multi functional sleep tracker. It comes fully equipped with sleep sounds, a sleep monitor, and a smart alarm that helps wake you up…

    ₹ 13.7k


    Woolen Hat only protect hair and head from cool and breezy wind but no protection from chicks and chin . This beard hat give you full coverage to your…

    ₹ 2,879.00

  • Hoodie Pillow

    Creative Gifts for Men – Great for use while traveling, during long trips or simply at home.. soft hood is great to pull up for privacy, to keep you…

    ₹ 4,130.00

  • Slim Water Bottle

    This convenient and environmentally responsible water bottle offers a sleek new take on the traditional cylindrical water bottle design. No bigger than an iPad and flat instead of round,…

    ₹ 299

  • Portable Hand Held Espresso Maker

    With little effort, Minipresso helps you prepare amazing shots, with a quality close to traditional machine. Don’t get rid of your daily pleasures far from home. With Minipresso, be…

    ₹ 11.3k

  • Walking Dead Cup

    No one dare to steal your cup or take your coffee ..keeep hunting in woods

    ₹ 3,865.00

  • The Opena

    he seems to use any opportunity to pull it out at parties etc. whether he’s really opening a beer or just showing it off to his friends. Everytime he…

    ₹ 1,542.00

  • Stress Sausage

    Don’t shake your legs and hand as it looks awkward while stressed and in deep thinking , just keep squeezing and it will gradually relieve your stress…

    ₹ 1,841.00

  • Thor KeyChain

    what would be better than this to have all powers of other galaxy planet in your hand…

    ₹ 999.00

  • Golden Playing Cards

    Playing with big money , but having cheap cards , get cosy with gold in your fingers ..

    ₹ 1,200.00

  • Revolver Notebook

    Increase your macho while studying and doing office works

    ₹ 2,362.00

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